Welcome to our website including all the information you need to use and understand our project on the social media, Reddit. This project was developped in the course of Programming Tools in Data Science (PTDS) taught at HEC Lausanne in Fall 2019. This project aims at providing a user-friendly interface to gain insights on specific subreddits or redditers. We are delighted to present you our work in details in the sections below.

  • Project description

    This project is an attempt to provide quick insights on Reddit content. In the tab Downloads of the application will allow you to download Reddit content. You will have the choice to download content related to a topic or a user you are interested in. Please make sure to enter...

  • Installation

    To install the package it is very simple, you may just enter this command in your R Studio Console : devtools::install_github("rsefraou/projectg1ptds") library("projectg1ptds") and then just use the following command : projectg1ptds::runDemo()

  • ShinyApp

    Here is a short video to explain how to use our Shiny app!